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All Celestials by Choir and Superior

Ophis, Balseraph Servitor of Baal
Yoffa, Balseraph Servitor of Dark Humor
Zeruah, Balseraph Servitor of Dark Humor
Maigonigal, the Demon of Bad Art, Balseraph Knight of Dark Humor
Nadzoreth, Balseraph Servitor of Death
Tania, the Demon of Suicide, Balseraph Baronness of Death
Vithik, Balseraph Servitor of Death
Hugo, Balseraph Captain of Drugs
Publius, the Demon of Newspaper Letter Columns, Balseraph Baron of Factions
Molstroth, Balseraph Servitor of Factions
Feythi, Balseraph Servitor of Factions
Semyaza, the Demon of Heresy, Balseraph Servitor of Factions
Nogariel, Balseraph Captain of Factions
Gorias, Balseraph Captain of Fate
Borubis, Balseraph Servitor of Fate
Timon, the Demon of Honor, Balseraph Servitor of Fate
Scribe No. 1023, Balseraph Servitor of Fate
Malchristos, Balseraph Servitor of Fate
Hatiphas, the Demon of Sorcery, Balseraph Baroness of Fate
Lachish, Balseraph Servitor of Fate, formerly Creation
Unnamed, the Demon of Union Carbide, Balseraph Servitor of Fire
Rivek, Balseraph Baron of Fire
Dishon, Balseraph Servitor of Fire
Balishazar, Balseraph Servitor of Fire
Marinada, Balseraph Servitor of Gluttony
Rosier, Balseraph Knight of Gluttony
Adam, Balseraph Knight of Gluttony
Maharai, the Seneschal of the Happytimes Textile Factory, Balseraph Baron of Greed
Fainite, Balseraph Marquis of Lust
Bealoth, Balseraph Servitor of Lust
Belphebe, Balseraph Servitor of Lust
Caliban, the Demon of Anorexia, Balseraph Captain of Lust
Adna, Balseraph Servitor of Lust
Jackie, Balseraph Servitor of Nightmares
Jaanai, Balseraph Servitor of Nightmares
John Downing, Balseraph Knight of Nightmares
Fortesque, Armand, Balseraph Servitor of Nightmares
Hamet, the Demon of Private Shame, Balseraph Duke of Secrets
Tishbite, Balseraph Baron of Technology
Matthias, Balseraph Servitor of Technology
Peritus, Balseraph Servitor of Technology
Beartador, the Demon of Steam, Balseraph Inspector of Technology
Mastema, Balseraph Servitor of the Game
Cadfiel, the Seneschal of St. Sebastian's School for Boys, Balseraph of the Game
Temeraziel, Balseraph Servitor of the Game
Vingerath, Balseraph Servitor of the Game
Jonathan, Balseraph Servitor of the Game
Ubbenil, Balseraph Servitor of the Game
Focalor, Balseraph Knight of the Game
Rex, the Demon of Cool, Balseraph Baron of the Media
Rex, the Demon of Cool, Balseraph Baron of the Media
Harrishee, the Demon of Sensationalism, Balseraph Knight of the Media
Director Fazio, Balseraph Servitor of the Media
Krijemy, Balseraph Captain of the Media
Long, Powers, Balseraph Servitor of the Media
Jezreel, Balseraph Knight of the Media
Kevin the Terrible, the Seneschal of Enfer Fleur, Balseraph Baron of the Media
Pau, Balseraph Servitor of the Media
Quistad, Balseraph Servitor of the War
Louis, Balseraph Servitor of the War
Lekor, Balseraph Servitor of the War
Ricardo, Balseraph Servitor of Theft
Mareth, Balseraph Knight of Theft
Alicia, Balseraph Knight of Theft
Huzrael, Balseraph Captain of Theft
Eucodias, Bright Lilim Servitor of Creation
Mira Klein, Bright Lilim Servitor of Dreams
Smily, Calabite Servitor of Dark Humor
Harissa, Calabite Servitor of Dark Humor
Abiasaph, Calabite Knight of Dark Humor
Charlie, Calabite Captain of Death
Admatha, Calabite Servitor of Death
Forneus, the Demon of Drowning, Calabite Marquis of Death
Bidkar, Calabite Servitor of Death
Reaper, The, Calabite Baron of Death
Mackie, the Seneschal of the House That Pain Built, Calabite Baron of Drugs
Lucian, the Seneschal of the Hippodrome, Calabite Baron of Factions
Jahaz, Calabite Servitor of Factions
Methom, Calabite Servitor of Factions
Lennis, Calabite Servitor of Fate
Wrenchial, the Demon of Amps, Calabite Captain of Fire
Roskovich, Sergei, Calabite Servitor of Fire
Zurath, Calabite Servitor of Fire
Unnamed, the Demon of Unexpectedly Short Fuses, Calabite Servitor of Fire
Unnamed, the Demon of Nuclear Devastation, Calabite Baron of Fire
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Forest Fires, Calabite Servitor of Fire
Aceldama, Calabite Servitor of Fire
Eurynomos, the Demon of Cannibalism, Calabite Servitor of Gluttony
Hormah, Calabite Servitor of Gluttony
Ador, Calabite Servitor of Lust
Avicinis, Calabite Servitor of Lust
Unnamed, the Demon of Rape, Calabite Servitor of Lust
Pasdammin, Calabite Servitor of Nightmares
Kushiel, Calabite Servitor of the Game
Ish-Mathoth, Calabite Servitor of the Game
Murmur, Calabite Duke of the Game
Mot, the Demon of Misfires, Calabite Captain of the War
Mal, the Seneschal of Sea Cave Cove, Calabite Captain of the War
Rakham, Calabite Servitor of Theft
Bang Man, Calabite Servitor of Theft
Rubiya, Cherub Servitor of Destiny
Tirshatha, Cherub Friend of Destiny
Aluriel, Cherub Master of Destiny
Oriel, Cherub Servitor of Destiny
Mordekial, Cherub Master of Destiny
Ezra, Cherub Servitor of Destiny
Odric, Cherub Servitor of Dreams
Yrian, the Angel of Dreams of Artists, Cherub Guardian of Dreams
Muzaffar, Cherub Vassal of Faith
Galuriel, Cherub of Fire
Sarama, Cherub Servitor of Fire
Jahdiel, Cherub Servitor of Fire
Rosalyn, Cherub Servitor of Flowers
Karaziel, the Angel of Self-Destruction, Cherub Vassal of Flowers
Zara, Cherub Friend of Flowers
Blastus, Cherub Vassal of Flowers
Amal, Cherub Servitor of Flowers
Jophiel, Cherub Servitor of Judgment
Hutriel, the Angel of Final Justice, Cherub Servitor of Judgment
Imtd, Cherub Vassal of Judgment
Jason, Cherub Servitor of Judgment
Gestrian, Cherub Servitor of Judgment
Shemeridan, Cherub Servitor of Judgment
Portia, Cherub Servitor of Judgment
Abrusti, Cherub Servitor of Lightning
Ahazia, the Seneschal of the People's Garden, Cherub Master of Protection
Mrs. Hamish, Cherub Servitor of Protection
Chisloth-Tabor, Cherub Servitor of Purity
Guillaume, Cherub Servitor of Stone
Khaila, Cherub Servitor of Stone
Sariel, the Seneschal of unnamed tether, Cherub Servitor of Stone
Zuriel, Cherub Servitor of Stone
Balin, Cherub Servitor of Stone
Yrian, Cherub Servitor of the Sword
Trent, Cherub Servitor of the Sword
Unnamed, the Angel of Churches, Cherub Servitor of the Sword
Roderick, Cherub Servitor of Trade
Ziba, Cherub Vassal of War
Tariel, Cherub Friend of War
Richard, the Seneschal of Cabinet War Rooms, Cherub Servitor of War
Naphtali, Cherub Servitor of War
Sangs-rgyas, the Seneschal of Changdu Go Board, Cherub Servitor of War
Merab, Cherub Servitor of War
Anteron, the Demon of Embarrassing Revelations, Djinn Captain of Dark Humor
Betchlow, the Seneschal of William Henry Harrison High School, Djinn Servitor of Dark Humor
Frexindetious, the Seneschal of Hill Country's Catacombs, Djinn Baron of Death
Noph, Djinn Servitor of Drugs
Rahariel, Djinn Captain of Factions
Tomas, Djinn Servitor of Factions
Jones, Djinn Servitor of Factions
Benhadad, Djinn Baron of Factions
Baasha, Djinn Marquis of Factions
Charon, Djinn Servitor of Fate
Balak, Djinn Servitor of Fire
Shihor, Djinn Servitor of Fire
Furezog, Djinn Captain of Fire
Erthad, the Seneschal of the Sawney Beane Cave, Djinn Servitor of Gluttony
Unnamed, the Demon of Dieting, Djinn Servitor of Gluttony
Azazel, Djinn Servitor of Lucifer
Ninette, Djinn Servitor of Lust
Caiphas, Djinn Servitor of Lust
Ysari, Djinn Servitor of Lust
Douglas, Djinn Servitor of Lust
Tamiel, the Demon of the Deeps, Djinn Servitor of Nightmares
Lynoure, the Demon of Shadow Shapes, Djinn Baroness of Nightmares
Peregrine, Djinn Servitor of Nightmares
Tzammash, Djinn Servitor of Technology
Vilson, Djinn Inspector of Technology
Unnamed, Djinn Servitor of Technology
Viviane, Djinn Servitor of the Game
Nergal, Djinn Servitor of the Game
Buford, Billy Bob, Djinn Servitor of the Game
Evere, Djinn Servitor of the Game
Haruphite, Djinn Knight of the Game
Allete, Djinn Servitor of the Game
Triel, Djinn Baron of the Game
Ashralaam, Djinn Servitor of the Game
Absinthia James, the Demon of Writer's Block, Djinn Captain of the Media
Aven, Djinn Servitor of the Media
Ibri, Djinn Captain of the War
Iblis, Djinn Servitor of the War
Zobahl, the Seneschal of Andersonville Prison Camp, Djinn Servitor of the War
Riknik, Djinn Servitor of Theft
Caesarea, Djinn Servitor of Theft
Eliasaph, Elohite Servitor of Animals
Shiloh, Elohite Servitor of Creation
Ilirael, the Angel of Protective Boons, Elohite Servitor of Creation
Pendrake Carmichael, Elohite Servitor of Creation
Senrevah, Elohite Servitor of Creation
Chagiel, Elohite Servitor of Creation
Aaron, the Seneschal of Church of St. Tobias, Angel of Martyrs, Elohite Scholar of Destiny
Lailah, the Angel of Conception, Elohite Servitor of Destiny
Contraiial, Elohite Servitor of Destiny
Ximenes, Elohite Servitor of Destiny
Sestina, Elohite Vassal of Dreams
Ishmael, Elohite Servitor of Dreams
Nemuel, the Seneschal of Siborsky Sleep Laboratory, Elohite Servitor of Dreams
Murad, Elohite Master of Fire
Haiden, Elohite Vassal of Fire
Peninnah, Elohite Servitor of Flowers
Kadal, Elohite Servitor of Flowers
Joshua, Elohite Servitor of Judgment
Eluzai, Elohite Servitor of Judgment
Mihr, the Angel of Mercy, Elohite Friend of Judgment
Julia, Elohite Servitor of Judgment
Unnamed, the Angel of Logic, Elohite Servitor of Judgment and Lightning
Sophia, the Angel of Enlightenment, Elohite Servitor of Knowledge
Bezekiah, Elohite Servitor of Lightning
Marius, Elohite Servitor of Lightning
Sabach, Elohite Servitor of Lightning
Sallu, Elohite Servitor of Lightning
Miyaki, Elohite Servitor of Stone
Ulowa, the Seneschal of Uluru, Elohite Servitor of Stone
Jezoar, Elohite Servitor of Stone
Miahel, Elohite Servitor of Stone, deceased
Invictus, Elohite Vassal of the Sword
Zenan, Elohite Servitor of the Sword
Mayem, Elohite Servitor of the Wind
Za'afiel, the Seneschal of Hurricanes, Elohite Servitor of the Wind
Valerian, the Angel of Politeness, Elohite Master of Trade
Deborah, Elohite Vassal of Trade
Validis, Elohite Servitor of War
Elshakeh, the Seneschal of Death Valley, Elohite Friend of War
Mildred, Elohite Servitor of War
Kryphos, Gremlin Servitor of Nightmares
Shaashgaz, Habbalite Servitor of Dark Humor
Ert, the Seneschal of Little Big Horn, Habbalite Servitor of Dark Humor
Lucrezio, Habbalite Servitor of Dark Humor
Oraquiel, Habbalite Knight of Dark Humor
Scurvy, Habbalite Knight of Dark Humor
Konstans, Habbalite Servitor of Death
Nurbis, the Demon of Mummification, Habbalite Marquis of Death
Avery, Habbalite Servitor of Death
Vathek, the Demon of Jealousy, Habbalite Servitor of Factions
Ishma, Habbalite Knight of Factions
Casiel, Habbalite Servitor of Fate
Izkriath, the Demon of Blame, Habbalite Servitor of Fate
Wurzzt, Habbalite Servitor of Fate
Jason, Habbalite of Fire
Saida, Habbalite Servitor of Gluttony
Karne, the Demon of Fast Food, Habbalite Baron of Gluttony
Keebah, Habbalite Servitor of Gluttony
Canzonetta, Habbalite Baron of Gluttony
Tabitha, Habbalite Knight of Greed
Donna, the Seneschal of Pico Plaza, Habbalite Baron of Lust
Nemo, Habbalite Servitor of Lust
Athan, the Demon of Teenage Crushes, Habbalite Knight of Lust
Epith, Habbalite Servitor of Lust
Ahian, Habbalite Captain of Lust
Mikhail, Habbalite Servitor of Nightmares
Hopscotch, Habbalite Servitor of Technology
Bochim, Habbalite Servitor of Technology
Molimen, Habbalite Servitor of the Game
Aisha, Habbalite Servitor of the Game
Ben-Japheth, the Demon of Student Discipline, Habbalite Servitor of the Game
Iru, Habbalite Servitor of the Media
Semaiah, Habbalite Servitor of the War
Brivilian, Habbalite Captain of the War
Quaiel, Habbalite Servitor of the War
Pyxwell, Imp Servitor of Technology
Geheran, Impudite Servitor of Dark Humor
Cabbon, Impudite Servitor of Dark Humor
Scamper, Impudite Servitor of Dark Humor
Jorek, the Demon of Goth Wannabes, Impudite Servitor of Dark Humor?
Marcus, Impudite Servitor of Death
Shezaqal, Impudite Servitor of Death
Lagopus, the Demon of Bad Tidings, Impudite Knight of Factions
Hazael, Impudite Servitor of Factions
Stuart, Impudite Servitor of Factions
Unnamed, the Demon of High School Cliques, Impudite Servitor of Factions
Harsha, Impudite Servitor of Fate
Bashan, Impudite Servitor of Fate
Galendron, Caius, Impudite Captain of Fate
Tyura, Impudite Baron of Fire
Raul, Impudite Servitor of Gluttony
Charcutis, the Demon of Venison Sausages, Impudite Servitor of Gluttony
Idbash, Impudite Servitor of Gluttony
Carniel, the Demon of Gluttony, Impudite Servitor of Greed, deceased
Madam Alush, Impudite Servitor of Lust
Alonsa, Impudite Servitor of Lust
Unnamed, the Demon of Pedophilia, Impudite Servitor of Lust
Lauren, the Demon of Strippers, Impudite Knight of Lust
Saleos, the Demon of Fecundity, Impudite Servitor of Lust
Marou, Impudite Servitor of Lust
Golmorath, Impudite Knight of Nightmares
Delleran, Impudite Servitor of Nightmares
Foras, the Demon of Mad Science, Impudite Baron of Technology
Taran, Impudite Servitor of Technology
Ambsace, Impudite Servitor of the Game
Caveatal, the Demon of Loopholes, Impudite Baron of the Game
Alastor, Impudite Servitor of the Game
Vered, Impudite Servitor of the Game
Tamor, the Seneschal of Caernavon Platters, Impudite Servitor of the Media
Unnamed, Impudite Servitor of the Media
Sandernog, Impudite Baron of the Media
d'Enfer, Marlena, Impudite Servitor of the Media
Shodski, Impudite Servitor of the Media
Francine, Impudite Servitor of the Media
Japhia, Impudite Captain of the War
Sihon, Impudite Knight of the War
Webster, Bill, Impudite Servitor of the War
Moloch, the Demon of Blood Sacrifices, Impudite Servitor of the War
Belshazar, Impudite Servitor of the War
Faragoth, Impudite Servitor of Theft
Molivina, the Demon of Plagiarism, Impudite Baroness of Theft
Tiny, Impudite Servitor of Theft
Mark, Impudite Servitor of Theft
Baby, Impudite Servitor of Theft
Bug-Eye, Impudite Servitor of Theft
Drools, Impudite Servitor of Theft
Manakel, the Angel of Aquatic Animals, Kyriotate of Animals
Shakziel, the Angel of Water Insects, Kyriotate of Animals
Cruthriel, Kyriotate Servitor of Animals
Calliel, Kyriotate Servitor of Animals
Arael, the Angel of Birds, Kyriotate Servitor of Animals
Swarm, Kyriotate Servitor of Animals
Abdeel, Kyriotate Servitor of Animals
Genetrice, Kyriotate Servitor of Creation
Jehonathann, Kyriotate Servitor of Dreams
Ahaziah, the Angel of Active Volcanoes, Kyriotate Servitor of Fire
Messica, Kyriotate Servitor of Flowers
Adoriam, Kyriotate Vassal of Judgment
Fersaith, Kyriotate of Judgment
Mosai, the Seneschal of Judgment Glade, Kyriotate Servitor of Judgment
Shiphi Harhaiah Abdeel Gazez Elam, Kyriotate Vassal of Lightning
Orc, the Angel of Networks, Kyriotate Master of Lightning
Unnamed, Kyriotate Friend of Protection
Mitrah, the Seneschal of Enchanted Rock, Kyriotate Master of Stone
Joshiro, Kyriotate Servitor of Stone
Sigionoth, Kyriotate Servitor of Technology
Angela, Kyriotate Servitor of the Sword
Evani, Kyriotate Friend of the Sword
Evani, Kyriotate Friend of the Sword
Enanlah, Kyriotate Servitor of War
Labana, Lilim Captain of Death
Natalie Legras, Lilim Servitor of Factions
Lucille, Lilim Servitor of Factions
Eleutheria, Lilim Servitor of Fate
Marguerida, Lilim of Freedom
Jaala, the Demon of Shopping Binges, Lilim Knight of Gluttony
I'm Going to Hell, the Demon of Gambling Debts, Lilim Servitor of Greed
Lola, Lilim Servitor of Lust
Sabrina, Lilim Captain of Lust
Corinth, Lilim Servitor of Lust
Eileth, Lilim Renegade Captain of Secrets
Tammuz, Lilim Captain of Secrets
Careah, Lilim Servitor of Technology
Marion, Lilim Servitor of Technology
Namaah, Lilim Servitor of the Game
Staciel, the Demon of Intrigue, Lilim Countess of the Game
Lucy, Lilim Knight of the Media
Cherise, Lilim Servitor of the Media
Narcis, Lilim Servitor of the War
Helez, Lilim Servitor of the War
Solon, Lilim Servitor of Theft
Rior'n Gar, Malakite Master of Animals
Hector, Malakite Servitor of Creation
Lael, Malakite Servitor of Creation
Anael, Malakite Servitor of Creation
Tarshish, the Angel of Wisdom, Malakite Master of Destiny
Malchiel, Malakite Servitor of Destiny
Asashiel, Malakite Friend of Destiny
Bilgah, Malakite Servitor of Destiny
Hadrien, Malakite Servitor of Destiny
Uzziel, Malakite Servitor of Fire, deceased
Edward, the Seneschal of Burned Hill, Malakite Servitor of Fire
Soldekai, Malakite Chamberlain of Fire
Kyoko, Malakite Master of Flowers
Raguel, Malakite Servitor of Judgment
Sorush, Malakite Servitor of Judgment
Scorn, Malakite Servitor of Judgment
Daniel, the Angel of Final Justice, Malakite of Judgment
Unnamed, the Angel of Police, Malakite Servitor of Judgment
Iuridis, Malakite Servitor of Judgment, formerly Purity
Barbiel, the Angel of Divine Wrath, Malakite Servitor of Lightning
Trophimus, Malakite Servitor of Lightning
Hasha, Malakite Servitor of Lightning
Manaxiel, the Angel of Tinkering, Malakite Master of Lightning
Ithran, Malakite Servitor of Revelation
Salah, the Seneschal of Brother Abdullah's Kung Fu Studio, Malakite Servitor of Stone
Rand, Malakite Servitor of Stone
Saxos, Malakite Servitor of Stone
Rand, Malakite Servitor of Stone
Maximilian, Malakite Servitor of Stone
Helmrich, Malakite Servitor of the Sword
Orion, the Angel of Hunting, Malakite Servitor of the Sword
Tahariel, Malakite Master of the Sword
Old Guy, The, the Seneschal of Treaty Oak, Malakite Master of the Sword
Martenas, Malakite Friend of the Sword
Peliel, the Angel of Righteous Vengeance, Malakite Colonel of the Sword
Unnamed, the Angel of Sunday School Teachers, Malakite Servitor of the Sword
Athanasius, Malakite Servitor of the Sword
Jehoiakim, Malakite Servitor of the Sword
Curtis, the Angel of Etiquette, Malakite Major of the Sword
Unnamed, the Angel of Righteous Anger, Malakite Servitor of the Sword
Unnamed, the Angel of Kings, Malakite Servitor of the Sword
Pasach, Malakite Servitor of the Sword
Paul, Malakite General of the Sword
Maher-shalal-hash-baz, Malakite Servitor of War
Henadad, Malakite Servitor of War
Unnamed, the Angel of Courage, Malakite Servitor of War
Carin, Malakite Servitor of War
Eloisa, the Seneschal of Bargain of Hope, Menunite Servitor of Dreams
Tara, the Seneschal of Steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Menunite Servitor of Dreams
Mirapon, the Angel of Nannies, Mercurian Servitor of Children
Reaux, Mercurian Servitor of Children
Zebedee, the Seneschal of Watts Tower, Mercurian Servitor of Creation, deceased
Trombone Man, The, Mercurian Servitor of Creation
Elysia, the Angel of Toys, Mercurian of Creation
Samuel, Mercurian Servitor of Creation
Tomas, the Angel of Catchy Tunes, Mercurian Servitor of Creation
Moakkibat, Mercurian Servitor of Destiny
Marusha, Mercurian Servitor of Destiny
Vretil, Mercurian Servitor of Destiny
Foreman, Miles, Mercurian Servitor of Destiny
James, the Seneschal of Sojack House, Mercurian of Dreams
Dorian, Mercurian Servitor of Dreams
Abda, Mercurian Outcast of Faith
Nicole, Mercurian Servitor of Fire
Jahaz, Mercurian Servitor of Fire
Vivienne, the Seneschal of Daston Room, Mercurian Servitor of Fire
Phelias, Mercurian Servitor of Fire
Veris, Mercurian Vassal of Fire
Reed, John 'J.R.', the Seneschal of Hippie Hollow, Mercurian Servitor of Flowers
Rumiel, the Angel of Consolation to the Bereaved, Mercurian Servitor of Flowers
Sabbuah, Mercurian Servitor of Flowers
Henna, Mercurian Servitor of Flowers
Derdeka, Mercurian Servitor of Flowers
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Avrillac Chapel, Mercurian Servitor of Judgment
Hushbon, Mercurian Servitor of Judgment
Zedekiah, the Seneschal of Nuremberg Tribunal, Mercurian Servitor of Judgment
Ahibezek, Mercurian Servitor of Lightning
Othniel, Mercurian Servitor of Lightning
Iptriel, the Angel of Haggling, Mercurian Servitor of Marc
Kadris, Mercurian Friend of Revelation
Terethel, Mercurian Servitor of Stone
Salem, the Angel of Cities, Mercurian Master of Stone
Joshua, Mercurian Servitor of the Sword
Armenta, the Seneschal of the Chapel of St. Joseph of Arimathea, Mercurian Friend of the Sword
Prudence, Mercurian Servitor of the Wind
Lysimachus, Mercurian Servitor of Trade
Unnamed, Mercurian Servitor of War
Apphiael, Mercurian Servitor of War
Ahdid, Mercurian Servitor of War
Unnamed, the Angel of Truces, Mercurian Servitor of War
Nisroc, the Angel of Spies, Mercurian Master of War
Jo, Doc, Mercurian Vassal of War
Asha, Ofanite Servitor of Animals
Rampal, the Angel of Play, Ofanite Servitor of Children
Maggie, Ofanite Servitor of Creation
Omsia, Ofanite Servitor of Creation
Randolph, the Angel of Dictionaries, Ofanite Scholar of Destiny
Io, the Angel of Dreams of Flight, Ofanite Servitor of Dreams
Accidie, Ofanite Servitor of Dreams, formerly Fear
Liri, Ofanite Servitor of Fire
Rikbiel, the Angel of Ascension, Ofanite Master of Fire
Caramikos, Ofanite Servitor of Fire
Bolide, Ofanite Servitor of Fire?
Madian, Ofanite Servitor of Judgment
Pietro, Ofanite Servitor of Judgment
Falendric, Ofanite Inquisitor and Friend of Judgment
Azariah, Ofanite Servitor of Judgment
Darius, Ofanite Servitor of Lightning
Barachel, Ofanite Servitor of Stone
Philippe, Ofanite Servitor of the Sword
Paltiel, Ofanite Vassal of the Sword
Tharael, Ofanite Master of the Sword
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Tornadoes, Ofanite Servitor of the Wind
Priscilla, Ofanite Servitor of the Wind
Velox, Ofanite Servitor of the Wind
Ouric, Ofanite Servitor of the Wind
Zebediah, Ofanite Servitor of Trade
Fugit, the Angel of Messages, Ofanite Master of Trade
Run, Nurse, Ofanite Vassal of War
Tharael, Ofanite Master of War
Vevaliah, the Angel of Supply Lines, Ofanite Master of War
Kisael, Ofanite Servitor of War
Sosostris, the Seneschal of Tent of Illusions, Pachadite Knight of Nightmares
Khan, Seraph Servitor of Animals
Druiel, the Angel of Teenage Death, Seraph Servitor of Children
Libnah, Seraph Servitor of Creation
Samantha, the Seneschal of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Seraph Servitor of Creation
Connor, the Angel of Cooking, Seraph Servitor of Creation
Heman, the Seneschal of Stradivarius' Workshop, Seraph Servitor of Creation
Jennifer, Seraph Servitor of Creation
Israfel, the Angel of Music, Seraph Servitor of Creation
Radueriel, Seraph Servitor of Destiny
Jonathan, Seraph Servitor of Destiny
Megeles, Seraph Servitor of Destiny
Pinon, Seraph Servitor of Fire
Talarial, Seraph Servitor of Fire
Nathanael, the Angel of Punishment, Seraph Servitor of Fire
Etecius, the Seneschal of U.S. Supreme Court Building, Seraph Servitor of Judgment
Bartholomel, Seraph Vassal of Judgment
Seraphiel, the Angel of the Inquisition, Seraph Master of Judgment
Donrathiel, Seraph Servitor of Judgment
Deuteronomy, the Seneschal of Code of Hammurabi, Seraph Master of Judgment
Zadok, Seraph Servitor of Judgment
Aira, Seraph Servitor of Judgment
Karadael, Seraph Vassal of Judgment
Abdiel, Seraph Servitor of Judgment
Koriel, the Angel of Equal Truth, Seraph Master of Judgment
Ithuriel, Seraph Servitor of Lightning
Amana, Seraph Servitor of Lightning
Unnamed, Seraph Servitor of Stone
Omparkash, the Seneschal of Angkor Wat, Seraph Servitor of the Sword
Abednego, Seraph Servitor of the Sword
Mishael, Seraph Vassal of the Sword
Aceris, Seraph Servitor of the Sword
Blondel, Seraph Vassal of the Wind
Estinore, Seraph Master of Trade
Jeaterai, Seraph Friend of Trade
Malleus, Seraph Master of War
Yephiel, the Angel of Kung Fu, Seraph Friend of War
Ajaxias, Seraph Servitor of War
Shethar-Boznai, Shedite Servitor of Dark Humor
Ashamael, Shedite Servitor of Dark Humor
B. J. Cloud, Shedite Knight of Death
Phasark, Shedite Servitor of Death
Glug, the Seneschal of La Brea Tar Pits, Shedite Baron of Death
Jehozabad, Shedite Knight of Factions
Treostigus, Shedite Baron of Factions
Irshemesh, Shedite Servitor of Factions
Asahel, Shedite Knight of Factions
Luris, Shedite of Fate
Shamhuth, Shedite Servitor of Fire
Togaal, Shedite Servitor of Gluttony
Louis, Shedite Baron of Gluttony
Jurgen, the Demon of Self-Indulgence, Shedite Captain of Gluttony
Cyrade, the Seneschal of Purple Studios, Shedite Servitor of Lust
Carpus, Shedite Servitor of Lust
Cremnian, the Demon of Orgies, Shedite Servitor of Lust
Hagroth, Shedite Servitor of Lust
Hezir, Shedite Servitor of Nightmares
Phosphora, Shedite Servitor of Nightmares
Haradah, Shedite Servitor of Nightmares
Hermon, Shedite Servitor of Technology
Braz, Shedite Servitor of the Game
Ojoro, Shedite Servitor of the Game
Matteo, Shedite Servitor of the Media
Mynofrigith, Shedite Servitor of the War
Ragon, the Demon of War Crimes, Shedite Servitor of the War
Masheth, the Demon of Mutiny, Shedite Servitor of the War
Hephzibah, the Demon of Taking Credit for Someone Else's Work, Shedite Servitor of Theft
Porris, the Demon of Looting, Shedite Servitor of Theft
Noisatu, Shedite Servitor of Theft

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