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The Honor Roll (Deceased Characters)

Alexius, Angel: Deceased
Ares, Greek god: Deceased
Arthur, King, Human: Deceased
Ashley, Renegade Demon: Deceased, caught by the Game
Ashur-Nars-Pal II, Human: Deceased
Balder, Aesir god: Deceased
Buonarotti, Michaelangelo, Remnant?: Deceased
Carniel, the Demon of Gluttony: Destroyed long before Haagenti came into existence
Charles the Great, Human: Deceased
Constantine the Great, Human: Deceased
Cuchulain, Celtic hero: Deceased
de Bergerac, Cyrano, Human: Deceased
Demogorgon, the Demon of Destruction: Destroyed by Belial when he made a bid for Princedom
Francis of Assisi, Human Saint: Deceased
Fulrick, the Demon of Pencil Shavings: Deceased
Galen, Angel: Vanished
Gavroche, Human: Deceased
Gebbeleth, the Demon Prince of Secrets: Vanished, presumed deceased
Genubath, the Demon Prince of Rapine: Vanished when Valefor stole his word.
Hades, Greek god: Deceased
Henderson, Simon, Human: Deceased
Hermes, Greek god: Vanished without a trace
Horus, Egyptian god: Deceased
Imhotep: Deceased
Iouliel: Deceased
Ithuriel, Angel: Deceased, killed by Lucifer
Ixos, Greek soul: Deceased
Janice, Lady, Human: Deceased
Johnny, Human Soldier: Deceased
Kerubiel, Angel: Deceased, killed in the Fall
Kzath, the Demon of Hypnosis: Deceased
Legion, the Demon Prince of Corruption: Deceased, killed by Raphael
Luther, Martin, Human: Deceased
Maat, Egyptian goddess: Reported slain in Purification Crusade
Makatiel, the Demon Prince of Disease: Deceased--destroyed by Dominic's forces, with help from Asmodeus
Marduk, Babylonian god: Slain in Purification Crusade
Mariel, the Demon Princess of Oblivion: Devoured by Haagenti
Martel, Charles, Human: Deceased
Meserach, the Demon Prince of Sloth: Deceased, eaten by Haagenti
Metatron, Seraph Archangel: Deceased, destroyed by Lucifer
Miahel, Elohite Servitor: Deceased
Musashi, Human: Deceased
Oannes, the Archangel of the Waters: Deceased, killed by Belial
One Gun, Human: Deceased
Osiris, Egyptian god: Deceased
Pandora, Human: Deceased
Pazuzu, Demon: Possibly deceased, "defeated" by Murad and the Muradi Sufis in the late 1700s
Raphael, the Archangel of Knowledge: Deceased, killed destroying Legion
Rhadamanthus, Demon: Possibly deceased, former supervisor of the Soul Yards
Selts, George, Human Soldier: Deceased
Shiza, Angel: Deceased, killed in fight against Legion
Sisyphus, Greek soul: Deceased
Sojack, Dr. Mitchell: Deceased
Sojack, Rosemary: Deceased
Sommers, Christine, Human: Deceased
Tantalus, Greek soul: Deceased
Tate, Darryl, Human: Deceased
Tezcatlipoca, Aztec god: Presumed slain in Purification Crusade
Thomas of Psentalet: Martyred
Uriel, the Archangel of Purity: Taken up to higher Heavens
Uzziel, Malakite Servitor: Supposedly deceased, killed by Belial
Vephar, the Demon Prince of the Oceans: Deceased
Weiss, Erich: Deceased
Wenceslas I, King, Human: Deceased
Wilkins, Marietta, Human: Deceased
William the Conqueror, Human: Deceased
Wilson, James, Human: Deceased
Zebedee, the Seneschal of Watts Tower: Deceased, destroyed in 1948.
Zeus, Greek god: Deceased
Unnamed, the Demon of Genocide: Deceased

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