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Status, News, and Credits


Currently complete data on In Nomine, the Game Master's Pack, the APG, IPG and CPG, Librum Reliquarum, Canticorum, and Servitorum, You Are Here, Revelations I-V, and Superiors 1 and 2. Also, all issues of Pyramid, both paper and on-line.


31 Jan 2000: Junked all old news, as terribly out of date. :)


Most recently, I'd like to thank Diane Donaldson, who has taken over the data entry for this site, so that I can move on to programming, rather than being deluged with data entry. Also, sincere thanks to Michael Montoure for the graphic design of the site, and specifically for our great cover graphic.

Lonnie Foster has done so many different things to help me get this site up and running, I can hardly remember them all, let alone thank him appropriate for them.

There's a lasting debt to Elizabeth McCoy, for help, verifications, and encouragement.

Thanks to Robert Abrazado for database verification.

Thanks also go to Llyra, Querent, Glenn Brown, M. Worth, and Jim Dyer for spotting various errors in the database and website.

I'd also like to thank my sweetie, Barb, for her patience and support. Love you, Barb.

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