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Yes, I know it would be awfully convenient if this page distinguished between Angelic and Demonic tethers. It's on the list. It's just not possible right now without redesigning the schema--design flaw. Follow the link to the Seneschal to find out, for now. My apologies.

Later note: try this new Tethers page if you want to see what I'm working on--may be broken at any time.


Aaron, the Seneschal of Church of St. Tobias, Angel of Martyrs
Ahazia, the Seneschal of the People's Garden
Armenta, the Seneschal of the Chapel of St. Joseph of Arimathea
Betchlow, the Seneschal of William Henry Harrison High School
Cadfiel, the Seneschal of St. Sebastian's School for Boys
Cyrade, the Seneschal of Purple Studios
Dan, the Seneschal of Dan's School of Food and VCR Repair
Deuteronomy, the Seneschal of Code of Hammurabi
Dezorael, the Seneschal of Culley's Gap
Donna, the Seneschal of Pico Plaza
Edward, the Seneschal of Burned Hill
Eloisa, the Seneschal of Bargain of Hope
Elshakeh, the Seneschal of Death Valley
Ert, the Seneschal of Little Big Horn
Erthad, the Seneschal of the Sawney Beane Cave
Etecius, the Seneschal of U.S. Supreme Court Building
Frexindetious, the Seneschal of Hill Country's Catacombs
Glug, the Seneschal of La Brea Tar Pits
Haw, the Seneschal of Storytime Land
Heman, the Seneschal of Stradivarius' Workshop
James, the Seneschal of Sojack House
Kevin the Terrible, the Seneschal of Enfer Fleur
Lady Tamia, the Seneschal of House of Pleasure
Lucian, the Seneschal of the Hippodrome
Mackie, the Seneschal of the House That Pain Built
Maharai, the Seneschal of the Happytimes Textile Factory
Mal, the Seneschal of Sea Cave Cove
Mitrah, the Seneschal of Enchanted Rock
Mosai, the Seneschal of Judgment Glade
Nemuel, the Seneschal of Siborsky Sleep Laboratory
Old Guy, The, the Seneschal of Treaty Oak
Omparkash, the Seneschal of Angkor Wat
Pequod, Francis, the Seneschal of unnamed tether
Reed, John 'J.R.', the Seneschal of Hippie Hollow
Richard, the Seneschal of Cabinet War Rooms
Salah, the Seneschal of Brother Abdullah's Kung Fu Studio
Samantha, the Seneschal of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Sangs-rgyas, the Seneschal of Changdu Go Board
Sariel, the Seneschal of unnamed tether
Satsuke, the Seneschal of the Atomic Dome
Sosostris, the Seneschal of Tent of Illusions
Tamor, the Seneschal of Caernavon Platters
Tara, the Seneschal of Steps of the Lincoln Memorial
Ulowa, the Seneschal of Uluru
Vivienne, the Seneschal of Daston Room
Za'afiel, the Seneschal of Hurricanes
Zebedee, the Seneschal of Watts Tower
Zedekiah, the Seneschal of Nuremberg Tribunal
Zobahl, the Seneschal of Andersonville Prison Camp
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Tidal Waves
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Forest Fires
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Tornadoes
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Library of Alexandria
Unnamed, the Seneschal of World Court
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Kaertnertort Theater
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Leonardo da Vinci's Workshop
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Kocabas Cay
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Beaches of Normandy
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Unnamed, the Seneschal of St. Peter's Basilica
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Field of Dreams
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Catacombs of Rome
Unnamed, the Seneschal of St. Ignatius' Orphanage
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Bibliotheque National
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Library of Congress
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Bodleian Library
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Topkapi Museum
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Unemployment Office, Edinburgh
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Churchyard in Rouen where Joan of Arc was burned
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Hagia Sophia
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Deepest tunnel in Rock of Gibraltar
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Little Bluff Truck Stop All-You-Can-Eat Pancake House
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Garden of Bell Blossoms
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Shores of Tanganyika where Stanley and Livingstone met
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Golden Moments Day Care
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Independent Citizen's Militia Headquarters
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Field near Bethlehem
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Pennsylvanian coal mine where miner's union started
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Kilauea Crater
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Tower on the Great Wall of China
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Avrillac Chapel
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Judge Roy Bean's Courtroom
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Yuba Indian Site
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Palais de Justice
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Inner Temple
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Washington Monument
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Masada


Andersonville Prison Camp, guarded by Zobahl
Angkor Wat, guarded by Omparkash
Avrillac Chapel, guarded by Unnamed
Bargain of Hope, guarded by Eloisa
Beaches of Normandy, guarded by Unnamed
Bibliotheque National, guarded by Unnamed
Bodleian Library, guarded by Unnamed
Brother Abdullah's Kung Fu Studio, guarded by Salah
Burned Hill, guarded by Edward
Cabinet War Rooms, guarded by Richard
Caernavon Platters, guarded by Tamor
Catacombs of Rome, guarded by Unnamed
Changdu Go Board, guarded by Sangs-rgyas
Church of St. Tobias, Angel of Martyrs, guarded by Aaron
Church of the Holy Sepulchre, guarded by Unnamed
Churchyard in Rouen where Joan of Arc was burned, guarded by Unnamed
Code of Hammurabi, guarded by Deuteronomy
Culley's Gap, guarded by Dezorael
Dan's School of Food and VCR Repair, guarded by Dan
Daston Room, guarded by Vivienne
Death Valley, guarded by Elshakeh
Deepest tunnel in Rock of Gibraltar, guarded by Unnamed
Enchanted Rock, guarded by Mitrah
Enfer Fleur, guarded by Kevin the Terrible
Field near Bethlehem, guarded by Unnamed
Field of Dreams, guarded by Unnamed
Forest Fires, guarded by Unnamed
Garden of Bell Blossoms, guarded by Unnamed
Golden Moments Day Care, guarded by Unnamed
Hagia Sophia, guarded by Unnamed
Hanging Gardens of Babylon, guarded by Unnamed
Hill Country's Catacombs, guarded by Frexindetious
Hippie Hollow, guarded by Reed, John 'J.R.'
House of Pleasure, guarded by Lady Tamia
Hurricanes, guarded by Za'afiel
Independent Citizen's Militia Headquarters, guarded by Unnamed
Inner Temple, guarded by Unnamed
Judge Roy Bean's Courtroom, guarded by Unnamed
Judgment Glade, guarded by Mosai
Kaertnertort Theater, guarded by Unnamed
Kilauea Crater, guarded by Unnamed
Kocabas Cay, guarded by Unnamed
La Brea Tar Pits, guarded by Glug
Leonardo da Vinci's Workshop, guarded by Unnamed
Library of Alexandria, guarded by Unnamed
Library of Congress, guarded by Unnamed
Little Big Horn, guarded by Ert
Little Bluff Truck Stop All-You-Can-Eat Pancake House, guarded by Unnamed
Masada, guarded by Unnamed
Nuremberg Tribunal, guarded by Zedekiah
Palais de Justice, guarded by Unnamed
Pennsylvanian coal mine where miner's union started, guarded by Unnamed
Pico Plaza, guarded by Donna
Purple Studios, guarded by Cyrade
Sea Cave Cove, guarded by Mal
Shores of Tanganyika where Stanley and Livingstone met, guarded by Unnamed
Siborsky Sleep Laboratory, guarded by Nemuel
Sojack House, guarded by James
St. Ignatius' Orphanage, guarded by Unnamed
St. Peter's Basilica, guarded by Unnamed
St. Sebastian's School for Boys, guarded by Cadfiel
Steps of the Lincoln Memorial, guarded by Tara
Storytime Land, guarded by Haw
Stradivarius' Workshop, guarded by Heman
Tent of Illusions, guarded by Sosostris
The Atomic Dome, guarded by Satsuke
The Chapel of St. Joseph of Arimathea, guarded by Armenta
The Happytimes Textile Factory, guarded by Maharai
The Hippodrome, guarded by Lucian
The House That Pain Built, guarded by Mackie
The People's Garden, guarded by Ahazia
The Sawney Beane Cave, guarded by Erthad
Tidal Waves, guarded by Unnamed
Topkapi Museum, guarded by Unnamed
Tornadoes, guarded by Unnamed
Tower on the Great Wall of China, guarded by Unnamed
Treaty Oak, guarded by Old Guy, The
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, guarded by Samantha
U.S. Supreme Court Building, guarded by Etecius
Uluru, guarded by Ulowa
Unemployment Office, Edinburgh, guarded by Unnamed
Unnamed tether, guarded by Pequod, Francis
Unnamed tether, guarded by Sariel
Washington Monument, guarded by Unnamed
Watts Tower, guarded by Zebedee
William Henry Harrison High School, guarded by Betchlow
World Court, guarded by Unnamed
Yuba Indian Site, guarded by Unnamed

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