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Wordbound Celestials

Unnamed, the Demon of Abusive Relationships
Ahaziah, the Angel of Active Volcanoes
Unnamed, the Demon of Addiction Recovery
Unnamed, the Demon of Adultery
Unnamed, the Demon of Air Disasters
Och, the Angel of Alchemy
Unnamed, the Demon of Alcoholism
Unnamed, the Demon of Alleged Racial Slurs
Unnamed, the Angel of Ambushes
Wrenchial, the Demon of Amps
Zobahl, the Seneschal of Andersonville Prison Camp
Omparkash, the Seneschal of Angkor Wat
Jordi, the Archangel of Animals
Unnamed, the Angel of Animation
Caliban, the Demon of Anorexia
Manakel, the Angel of Aquatic Animals
Unnamed, the Angel of Arbitration
Unnamed, the Angel of Archaeology
Unnamed, the Angel of Architecture
Unnamed, the Angel of Armorers
Xaphan, the Demon of Arson
Art, the Angel of Art
Rikbiel, the Angel of Ascension
Kakabel, the Demon of Astrology
Unnamed, the Angel of Astrology
Unnamed, the Angel of Astronomy
Tchort, the Demon of Atheism
Unnamed, the Demon of Auto Accidents
Unnamed, the Angel of Autobiographies
Unnamed, the Demon of Avalanches
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Avrillac Chapel
Maigonigal, the Demon of Bad Art
Unnamed, the Demon of Bad Checks
Unnamed, the Demon of Bad Sex
Lagopus, the Demon of Bad Tidings
Unnamed, the Demon of Barbie Dolls
Eloisa, the Seneschal of Bargain of Hope
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Beaches of Normandy
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Bibliotheque National
Unnamed, the Demon of Binges
Arael, the Angel of Birds
Unnamed, the Angel of Birds of Prey
Unnamed, the Demon of Birthday Wishes
Izkriath, the Demon of Blame
Zimimar, the Demon of Blizzards
Moloch, the Demon of Blood Sacrifices
Unnamed, the Demon of Blowtorches
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Bodleian Library
Unnamed, the Demon of Bodybuilding
Unnamed, the Demon of Bombs
Unnamed, the Demon of Bondage
Unnamed, the Demon of Brain Cancer
Unnamed, the Demon of Broken Glass
Kasbeel, the Demon of Broken Promises
Salah, the Seneschal of Brother Abdullah's Kung Fu Studio
Unnamed, the Demon of Buggy Whips
Edward, the Seneschal of Burned Hill
Richard, the Seneschal of Cabinet War Rooms
Tamor, the Seneschal of Caernavon Platters
Eurynomos, the Demon of Cannibalism
Unnamed, the Demon of Careless Oaths
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Catacombs of Rome
Tomas, the Angel of Catchy Tunes
Unnamed, the Angel of Cavalry
Unnamed, the Demon of Chainsaws
Sangs-rgyas, the Seneschal of Changdu Go Board
Unnamed, the Angel of Charity
Unnamed, the Demon of Child Abuse
Unnamed, the Demon of Child Abuse Charges
Christopher, the Archangel of Children
Unnamed, the Angel of Chivalry
Aaron, the Seneschal of Church of St. Tobias, Angel of Martyrs
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Unnamed, the Angel of Churches
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Churchyard in Rouen where Joan of Arc was burned
Unnamed, the Demon of Cigarettes
Unnamed, the Demon of Cities
Salem, the Angel of Cities
Zuheyr, the Angel of Cleanliness
Deuteronomy, the Seneschal of Code of Hammurabi
Unnamed, the Demon of Codependency
Lailah, the Angel of Conception
Rumiel, the Angel of Consolation to the Bereaved
Unnamed, the Demon of Conspicuous Consumption
Connor, the Angel of Cooking
Rex, the Demon of Cool
Rex, the Demon of Cool
Beelzebub, the Demon Prince of Corruption
Legion, the Demon Prince of Corruption (Deceased, killed by Raphael)
Requel, the Angel of Counsel
Unnamed, the Angel of Courage
Jael, the Angel of Covenants
Eli, the Archangel of Creation
Unnamed, the Demon of Crimes of Passion
Magog, the Demon Prince of Cruelty
Dezorael, the Seneschal of Culley's Gap
Dan, the Seneschal of Dan's School of Food and VCR Repair
Kobal, the Demon Prince of Dark Humor
Vivienne, the Seneschal of Daston Room
Unnamed, the Demon of Date Rape
Saminga, the Demon Prince of Death
Unnamed, the Archangel of Death
Elshakeh, the Seneschal of Death Valley
Unnamed, the Demon of Debt
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Deepest tunnel in Rock of Gibraltar
Unnamed, the Demon of Depression
Yves, the Archangel of Destiny
Demogorgon, the Demon of Destruction (Destroyed by Belial when he made a bid for Princedom)
Unnamed, the Angel of Determination
Unnamed, the Demon of Diaries
Randolph, the Angel of Dictionaries
Unnamed, the Demon of Dieting
Unnamed, the Angel of Dieting
Etienne, the Angel of Diplomacy
Makatiel, the Demon Prince of Disease (Deceased--destroyed by Dominic's forces, with help from Asmodeus)
Unnamed, the Demon of Disease
Unnamed, the Demon of Distraction
Unnamed, the Angel of Divine Mysteries
Unnamed, the Angel of Divine Truths
Barbiel, the Angel of Divine Wrath
Unnamed, the Demon of Divorce
Blandine, the Archangel of Dreams
Yrian, the Angel of Dreams of Artists
Unnamed, the Demon of Dreams of Betrayal
Unnamed, the Angel of Dreams of Concerned Parents
Unnamed, the Angel of Dreams of Contentment
Io, the Angel of Dreams of Flight
Oresto, the Angel of Dreams of Love
Unnamed, the Guardian of Dreams of Peace
Unnamed, the Angel of Dreams of Soldiers
Unnamed, the Angel of Dreams of the Dying
Forneus, the Demon of Drowning
Unnamed, the Demon of Drug Legalization
Unnamed, the Demon of Drug Pushing
Fleurity, the Demon Prince of Drugs
Unnamed, the Demon of Earthquakes
Unnamed, the Demon of Easy Riches
Unnamed, the Angel of Elections
Stander, the Demon of Embalming
Anteron, the Demon of Embarrassing Revelations
Unnamed, the Demon of Embezzling
Unnamed, the Demon of Emptiness
Mitrah, the Seneschal of Enchanted Rock
Kevin the Terrible, the Seneschal of Enfer Fleur
Sophia, the Angel of Enlightenment
Unnamed, the Angel of Epiphanies
Koriel, the Angel of Equal Truth
Unnamed, the Demon of Eructation
Curtis, the Angel of Etiquette
Malphas, the Demon Prince of Factions
Unnamed, the Angel of Factories
Unnamed, the Demon of Factory Farming
Khalid, the Archangel of Faith
Unnamed, the Demon of Fake Ids
Unnamed, the Angel of Falcons
Karne, the Demon of Fast Food
Kronos, the Demon Prince of Fate
Saleos, the Demon of Fecundity
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Field near Bethlehem
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Field of Dreams
Hutriel, the Angel of Final Justice
Daniel, the Angel of Final Justice
Unnamed, the Demon of Fine Print
Belial, the Demon Prince of Fire
Gabriel, the Archangel of Fire
Novalis, the Archangel of Flowers
Lang, the Angel of Foresight
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Forest Fires
Unnamed, the Demon of Forged Signatures
Unnamed, the Demon of Forgetfulness
Unnamed, the Angel of Forgiveness
Unnamed, the Angel of Fortitude
Lilith, the Demon Princess of Freedom
Unnamed, the Angel of Freelance Writers
Sealiah, the Angel of Fruit
I'm Going to Hell, the Demon of Gambling Debts
Unnamed, the Demon of Gang Fights
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Garden of Bell Blossoms
Unnamed, the Demon of Gas Leaks
Unnamed, the Angel of Gemcutting
Unnamed, the Demon of Genocide (Deceased)
Doxas, the Angel of Glory
Carniel, the Demon of Gluttony (Destroyed long before Haagenti came into existence)
Haagenti, the Demon Prince of Gluttony
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Golden Moments Day Care
Unnamed, the Angel of Good Neighbors
Jorek, the Demon of Goth Wannabes
Mammon, the Demon Prince of Greed
Unnamed, the Angel of Guilt
Unnamed, the Demon of Gunpowder
Iptriel, the Angel of Haggling
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Hagia Sophia
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Furfur, the Demon Prince of Hardcore
Unnamed, the Demon of Heart Failure
Tychagar, the Angel of Heavenly Communication
Semyaza, the Demon of Heresy
Unnamed, the Demon of High School Cliques
Unnamed, the Angel of Highways
Frexindetious, the Seneschal of Hill Country's Catacombs
Reed, John 'J.R.', the Seneschal of Hippie Hollow
Unnamed, the Angel of History
Unnamed, the Angel of Holy Scriptures
Timon, the Demon of Honor
Lady Tamia, the Seneschal of House of Pleasure
Orion, the Angel of Hunting
Za'afiel, the Seneschal of Hurricanes
Kzath, the Demon of Hypnosis (Deceased)
Unnamed, the Demon of Incest
Unnamed, the Demon of Inconsolable Grief
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Independent Citizen's Militia Headquarters
Unnamed, the Demon of Infomericals
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Inner Temple
Unnamed, the Angel of Inspiration
Uzal, the Demon of Insubordination
Unnamed, the Demon of Insurance Fraud
Kizke, the Demon of Internet Comics
Staciel, the Demon of Intrigue
Unnamed, the Demon of Invasion of Privacy
Unnamed, the Angel of Investigations
Unnamed, the Demon of Irony
Vathek, the Demon of Jealousy
Unnamed, the Angel of Journalism
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Judge Roy Bean's Courtroom
Dominic, the Archangel of Judgment
Mosai, the Seneschal of Judgment Glade
Unnamed, the Angel of Just Causes
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Kaertnertort Theater
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Kilauea Crater
Unnamed, the Angel of Kings
Raphael, the Archangel of Knowledge (Deceased, killed destroying Legion)
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Kocabas Cay
Yephiel, the Angel of Kung Fu
Glug, the Seneschal of La Brea Tar Pits
Unnamed, the Angel of Last Stands
Ambriel, the Angel of Last-Second Rescues
Unnamed, the Demon of Lawyers
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Leonardo da Vinci's Workshop
Unnamed, the Demon of Libertines
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Library of Alexandria
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Library of Congress
Unnamed, the Demon of Lies About Age
Unnamed, the Demon of Lies About Money
Unnamed, the Demon of Lies Told to Spouses
Jean, the Archangel of Lightning
Unnamed, the Demon of Littering
Ert, the Seneschal of Little Big Horn
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Little Bluff Truck Stop All-You-Can-Eat Pancake House
Unnamed, the Demon of Little White Lies
Unnamed, the Angel of Logic
Caveatal, the Demon of Loopholes
Porris, the Demon of Looting
Andrealphus, the Demon Prince of Lust
Foras, the Demon of Mad Science
Unnamed, the Demon of Manslaughter
Unnamed, the Demon of Marriage
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Masada
Unnamed, the Demon of Massages
Unnamed, the Angel of Mediation
Mihr, the Angel of Mercy
Fugit, the Angel of Messages
Mot, the Demon of Misfires
Unnamed, the Demon of Mockery
Unnamed, the Demon of Morbid Fascination
Unnamed, the Angel of Mountain Climbers
Nurbis, the Demon of Mummification
Israfel, the Angel of Music
Masheth, the Demon of Mutiny
Raziel, the Angel of Mysteries
Mirapon, the Angel of Nannies
Unnamed, the Demon of Nannies
Unnamed, the Demon of Navel Lint
Unnamed, the Angel of Navigation
Unnamed, the Angel of Negotiation
Orc, the Angel of Networks
Unnamed, the Demon of New Girlfriends
Publius, the Demon of Newspaper Letter Columns
Beleth, the Demon Princess of Nightmares
Unnamed, the Demon of Nightmares about Animal Attacks
Unnamed, the Demon of Nightmares about Rabid Dogs
Unnamed, the Demon of Nightmares of Failure
Unnamed, the Demon of Nightmares of Poverty
Unnamed, the Demon of Nightmares of Romantic Rejection
Unnamed, the Demon of Nuclear Devastation
Unnamed, the Demon of Nuclear Warheads
Zedekiah, the Seneschal of Nuremberg Tribunal
Mariel, the Demon Princess of Oblivion (Devoured by Haagenti)
Unnamed, the Demon of Obsessive Love
Cremnian, the Demon of Orgies
Unnamed, the Demon of Outdoor Sex
Grackle, the Demon of Overacting
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Palais de Justice
Unnamed, the Demon of Paparazzi
Unnamed, the Demon of Pedophilia
Fulrick, the Demon of Pencil Shavings (Deceased)
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Pennsylvanian coal mine where miner's union started
Unnamed, the Demon of Perjury
Unnamed, the Angel of Perseverance
Unnamed, the Demon of Personal Injury Lawsuits
Unnamed, the Angel of Pets
Donna, the Seneschal of Pico Plaza
Unnamed, the Demon of Pipe Bombs
Molivina, the Demon of Plagiarism
Rampal, the Angel of Play
Sammael, the Demon of Poison
Unnamed, the Angel of Police
Valerian, the Angel of Politeness
Unnamed, the Demon of Politicians
Unnamed, the Demon of Politics
Unnamed, the Demon of Premeditated Murder
Unnamed, the Angel of Priests
Hamet, the Demon of Private Shame
Unnamed, the Demon of Promises Never Intended to Be Kept
Unnamed, the Angel of Prophets
Zadkiel, the Archangel of Protection
Ilirael, the Angel of Protective Boons
Unnamed, the Demon of Psychotherapy
Nathanael, the Angel of Punishment
Uriel, the Archangel of Purity (Taken up to higher Heavens)
Cyrade, the Seneschal of Purple Studios
Unnamed, the Angel of Racial Harmony
Unnamed, the Angel of Radio
Unnamed, the Demon of Rape
Unnamed, the Demon of Rape Accusations
Genubath, the Demon Prince of Rapine (Vanished when Valefor stole his word.)
Morrigen, the Angel of Ravens
Unnamed, the Demon of Reckless Driving
Unnamed, the Angel of Repentence
Unnamed, the Angel of Resistance
Unnamed, the Angel of Restitution
Unnamed, the Angel of Reunions
Litheroy, the Archangel of Revelation
Unnamed, the Angel of Righteous Anger
Peliel, the Angel of Righteous Vengeance
Unnamed, the Angel of Roller Coasters
Unnamed, the Demon of Rudeness
Johab, the Angel of Salvation
Unnamed, the Demon of Satire
Zahun, the Angel of Scandal
Mal, the Seneschal of Sea Cave Cove
Unnamed, the Angel of Secret Languages
Gebbeleth, the Demon Prince of Secrets (Vanished, presumed deceased)
Alaemon, the Demon Prince of Secrets
Unnamed, the Demon of Self-Abuse
Karaziel, the Angel of Self-Destruction
Unnamed, the Demon of Self-Doubt
Jurgen, the Demon of Self-Indulgence
Harrishee, the Demon of Sensationalism
Unnamed, the Demon of Serial Killers
Lynoure, the Demon of Shadow Shapes
Unnamed, the Demon of Shameful Dreams
Unnamed, the Angel of Ships
Unnamed, the Demon of Shock Radio
Jaala, the Demon of Shopping Binges
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Shores of Tanganyika where Stanley and Livingstone met
Nemuel, the Seneschal of Siborsky Sleep Laboratory
Meserach, the Demon Prince of Sloth (Deceased, eaten by Haagenti)
Thratch, the Demon of Snappy Comebacks You Only Think Of After It's Too Late
James, the Seneschal of Sojack House
Hatiphas, the Demon of Sorcery
Hamonah, the Angel of South Wind
Nisroc, the Angel of Spies
Nisroc, the Angel of Spies
Unnamed, the Seneschal of St. Ignatius' Orphanage
Unnamed, the Seneschal of St. Peter's Basilica
Cadfiel, the Seneschal of St. Sebastian's School for Boys
Unnamed, the Demon of Statistics
Unnamed, the Angel of Statistics
Beartador, the Demon of Steam
Tara, the Seneschal of Steps of the Lincoln Memorial
David, the Archangel of Stone
Haw, the Seneschal of Storytime Land
Heman, the Seneschal of Stradivarius' Workshop
Nygon, the Demon of Strangulation
Unnamed, the Angel of Strategy
Lauren, the Demon of Strippers
Ben-Japheth, the Demon of Student Discipline
Unnamed, the Angel of Subways
Unnamed, the Demon of Sugar
Tania, the Demon of Suicide
Unnamed, the Demon of Sulfuric Acid
Unnamed, the Angel of Sunday School Teachers
Vevaliah, the Angel of Supply Lines
Unnamed, the Angel of Swift Justice
Unnamed, the Demon of Tabloid Journalists
Unnamed, the Demon of Tabloids
Hephzibah, the Demon of Taking Credit for Someone Else's Work
Unnamed, the Demon of Tax Evasion
Unnamed, the Angel of Teaching
Esjion, the Angel of Technological Secrets
Vapula, the Demon Prince of Technology
Athan, the Demon of Teenage Crushes
Druiel, the Angel of Teenage Death
Sosostris, the Seneschal of Tent of Illusions
Satsuke, the Seneschal of the Atomic Dome
Armenta, the Seneschal of the Chapel of St. Joseph of Arimathea
Tamiel, the Demon of the Deeps
Unnamed, the Demon of the Falling Nightmare
Asmodeus, the Demon Prince of the Game
Maharai, the Seneschal of the Happytimes Textile Factory
Lucian, the Seneschal of the Hippodrome
Mackie, the Seneschal of the House That Pain Built
Seraphiel, the Angel of the Inquisition
Nybbas, the Demon Prince of the Media
Vephar, the Demon Prince of the Oceans (Deceased)
Ahazia, the Seneschal of the People's Garden
Erthad, the Seneschal of the Sawney Beane Cave
Laurence, the Archangel of the Sword
Baal, the Demon Prince of the War
Oannes, the Archangel of the Waters (Deceased, killed by Belial)
Janus, the Archangel of the Wind
Valefor, the Demon Prince of Theft
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Tidal Waves
Manaxiel, the Angel of Tinkering
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Topkapi Museum
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Tornadoes
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Tower on the Great Wall of China
Unnamed, the Demon of Toxic Waste
Elysia, the Angel of Toys
Marc, the Archangel of Trade
Unnamed, the Demon of Train Wrecks
Unnamed, the Angel of Travel
Old Guy, The, the Seneschal of Treaty Oak
Unnamed, the Angel of Trophies
Unnamed, the Angel of Truces
Samantha, the Seneschal of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Etecius, the Seneschal of U.S. Supreme Court Building
Ulowa, the Seneschal of Uluru
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Unemployment Office, Edinburgh
Unnamed, the Demon of Unexpectedly Short Fuses
Unnamed, the Demon of Uninvited Visitors
Unnamed, the Demon of Union Carbide
Unnamed, the Angel of Unity
Sariel, the Seneschal of unnamed tether
Pequod, Francis, the Seneschal of unnamed tether
Unnamed, the Demon of Used Car Salesmen
Unnamed, the Demon of Vandalism
Sofiel, the Angel of Vegetables
Unnamed, the Demon of Vehicular Homicide
Charcutis, the Demon of Venison Sausages
Unnamed, the Demon of Vows
Galoth, the Demon of Waking Nightmares
Michael, the Archangel of War
Ragon, the Demon of War Crimes
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Washington Monument
Shakziel, the Angel of Water Insects
Zebedee, the Seneschal of Watts Tower (Deceased, destroyed in 1948.)
Dokiel, the Angel of Weights and Measures
Unnamed, the Demon of Wife-Swapping
Unnamed, the Demon of Wildfires
Betchlow, the Seneschal of William Henry Harrison High School
Tarshish, the Angel of Wisdom
Unnamed, the Seneschal of World Court
Absinthia James, the Demon of Writer's Block
Unnamed, the Seneschal of Yuba Indian Site

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